Engulfed in the moment


“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have,” Eckhart Tolle.

Life only ever happens right now. In the past, it’s just memory. In the future, our hopes and fears.

Though I’m improving, I’m frequently distracted from the present moment by the past and especially the future. I’m often torn between wanting to just be and wanting to create something exceptional from this moment. I’m beginning to think that maybe they aren’t mutually exclusive.

This week I felt enveloped in the now as I zoomed in and out of traffic on my little scooter in Siagon. Wind in my face, lights flashing past me, the smiles of my fellow adventurers, the smell of aftershave on teenagers as they swerved by with their dates. These moments have been so real I could feel them on my skin – sitting underwater at the bottom of the pool, watching the mating dance of the Soot-headed Bulbul, a kiss.

But I’ve also found presence in suddenly remembering to live while doing the dishes, realizing that an argument is simply not worth missing the now, laughing with friends.

This week I also feel a sense of the ‘greater now’ as we launch our social enterprise, www.unitededge.net. Life is too short not to work on the things we truly care about every single day and hopefully give others the opportunity to live their dreams too.

For me, being present is not simply sitting back and watching the world go by as though there’ll be no tomorrow. Neither is it an excuse for a hedonistic existence or giving in to a life of distraction. The fact that now is all we have makes this moment sublime in the context of our lives and the world around us.

Anything can happen right now. This moment is full of both peace and animated possibility. And I love that. We can create. We can build our dreams. And by being present as we do so, we are willing those dreams into existence so that our future selves will glow from the beauty that was built from the now.

Try as we may, we will never be able to control life. But we do have the amazing opportunity to decide how to experience it. Will we be distracted by something that is not real or will we dive into this moment, right here, today and see where it takes us?


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