Sometimes, the people win.


London to Ho Chi Minh by train (and boat!): Day 3.

We were greeted by a gorgeous sunset in one of our favorite places in the city. What used to be Tempelhof Airport has now been reclaimed by walkers, gardeners, artists and kite flyers…

Even though the land would have housed countless apartment buildings, cinema complexes and malls, the people won and what remains isn’t only a reminder of the history of the city and a recreation area… It’s a celebration of the power of the people. Because they deserved it. And won it.

I celebrated my 30th birthday here with many of my favourite people in the whole world and I wouldn’t have guessed then that I would be back five years later to embark on such an adventure.

So generally, feeling grateful. That I am where I am. And that sometimes, the people win.

Next stop: Warsaw — at Tempelhofer Feld.

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